Sunna Nousuniemi

Artist, Cultural Worker, Storyteller and DJ

Niillasaš-Jovnna Máreha Juhani Sunná Máret alias Sunna Nousuniemi (she/they) is a capricorn, cultural worker, storyteller and dj, born and raised in Anár, Sápmi. Using film, discussion, music, memes and duodji elements as their tools, Nousuniemi explores different ways of participating in building more livable communities through art. Currently Sunna is working as a freelancer artist focusing in visual storytelling, DJ performances and launching a residency in their family’s ancestral lands in Gáregasnjárga. They belong to a Sámi dj collective called Article 3 which celebrates the joy of being together by indigenizing the dance floors with the latest Sámi and global Indigenous party tunes. On their solo dj-sets, they go by the dj name Sunna Maaret and focus on creating spaces for collective resting as pushback to grind culture.

Image: Aqqalu Berthelsen

Sunna Nousuniemi, a white-skinned person with long ash blonde hair sits in a meadow surrounded by brown knapweed flowers smiling and looking into the camera. Framed from the knees up, Nousuniemi is wearing a white cardigan, a colourful necklace and red lipstick.


  1. 100 Ways to Say We - Orrunsadji ASMR edition by Niillasaš-Jovnna Máreha Juhani Sunná Máret (Sunna Nousuniemi) is dedicated to a future where land and all living beings are not treated as never-ending resources.

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    Illustration image of ASMR piece “100 Ways to Say We” by Sunna Nousuniemi, featuring colourful and shiny ribbons side by side in a vertical position.