Hung-Fei Wu


Hung-Fei Wu is a curator and researcher based in Taipei, Taiwan. Graduated from University of Essex with MA Gallery Studies with Critical Curating, now a curatorial director of Solid Art.

Since 2015 she has been deeply engaged in the art’s value on sustainability that connects spiritual, ecological and social discourse. Previous research projects include “Creative Sustainability Island Mapping” (Taiwan) and “On the edge of Europe, Where Art Meets Ecology” in 2017 and 2018 retrospectively. She is also an Asian Cultural Council Fellow (2022-2023) with an ongoing research on non-Western knowledge system and worldview in Asia from a feminist perspective and a collaborative approach.

Important curatorial projects include "Tides in the Body"(2022), building on the contemporary discourse around hydro feminism to respond to the existential scales of the imminent crises faced by the planet’s aquatic ecosystems ; “Glacial” (2021) is a cross cultural dialogue between Taiwan and Finland that explore the new manifestation of deep time across multidisciplinary fields of geology, material science and climatology; “///\///” (2020) presents various liquid clues that broke the existing order and knowledge systems, to get the essence of nature and to cultivate a brand new worldview; “Mute Dialogue” (2016) looked at the connection between the pressing global climate crisis and local environmental context, and the psychological and cognitive reaction of humans towards these issues.


  1. Ting Chaong-Wen & Wang Hsiang-Lin: bear hole
    March 4th – April 29th 2023 in Solid Art Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

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Blog Posts

  1. Curator Hung-Fei Wu interviewed Punos for the ecofeminism column of Artist Magazine (Taiwan) in the summer of 2023. This is an English translation of the original text that was published in Chinese.

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