Himali Singh Soin


Himali Singh Soin’s (b.1987, New Delhi, lives and works between London and New Delhi) multidisciplinary work uses metaphors from the natural environment to construct speculative cosmologies that reveal non-linear entanglements between human and nonhuman life. Her poetic methodology explores the myriad technologies of knowing, from scientific to intuitional, Indigenous, and alchemical processes.

Art Citing Bar

Solid Art Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
8th May – 17th June 2023

In the second Citing Bar exhibition, Himali Singh Soin presents two recent important series of works as a further exploration on the intersectionalities between contemporary healing, history and science fiction literature, and ecology.

“we are opposite like that” is an ongoing series of interdisciplinary works that comprises mythologies for the poles, told from the non-human perspective of an elder that has witnessed deep time: the ice. It beckons the ghosts hidden in landscapes and turns them into echoes, listening in on the resonances of potential futures.

“As Grand as What” is a reimagination of the structure of the kalachakra mandala, a geomantic diagram in which the drawing, the body, the city, the earth and the universe mirror each other in a grand cosmic architecture. The main artery of the story is a search for the lost bla, a subtle life force that runs through the world.